15 Types of BacklinksWhich Are Dangerous for Your Site and SEO?

Contents1 1. Link Exchange :-2 2. Widget Back links :-3 3. Advertorials back link :-4 4. Paid-Link That Pass Page […]

15 Types of Backlinks Which Are Dangerous for Your Site and SEO

1. Link Exchange :-

If you give me a link to your website, I will give you a link to my website. This link is called an exchange.

If you do such a thing then Google will penelize you. But if you do the same thing with some people then you will not suffer any loss. For example, if you took a back link from 10 people and gave it.

And gave a link to your own website to some other people but did not give them the link, then you will be saved from google.

2. Widget Back links :-

If you use widgets and you ask someone to add your website to your website. Give it to you only with rel no follow like this. Because if your widget is added to your website having bad content then you will get bad link which is harmful for your website.

3. Advertorials back link :-

Now what is advertorials back links. If you are promoting a product or any other website on your website, then it comes in advertising back links. The important thing here is that if you are giving to someone, then Google can give you a penalty for this too.

And do you know that for this reason google has also penalized many news websites. Therefore, if you always promote anyone, then use the no follow tag.

4. Paid-Link That Pass Page Rank :-

Do you know that what we use text link and images link, Google does not want us to pass page rank. Google counts links like these as unnatural links.

5. Hacking Links :-

Google’s search robots have become more active than before, they find out what kind of back link they are crawling. Because many webmasters make back links by hacking other’s website.

And for yourself, avoid making back links from websites that do spamming such as hacking websites sexual website.

6. Hiding Link in CSS and Java script :-

Nowadays, in the free themes you use, you also get hiding back links which are made by coding expert CSS. Although this is a very lotus method, but now it is of no use. Because Google is more expert than these.

7. Sidebar and Footer Links :-

Many people do this, which is in place of the sidebar and footer of themes, wow unwanted products and website links. When it is very wrong to do so. You should do all this work in the middle of your content, so that the readers also get the benefit of promotion with the right information.

The sidebar and footer are for your about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy. Use them only for their rightful place.

8. Anchor Text Low Distribution :-

Keyword used for anchor link. click here. Some such used words are a threat to SEO Links. If we use the same word repeatedly for a link, then you can get penalty from Google.

You to get to know Anchor text completely and learn how to use it properly.

9. Article Directories :-

These are the people who copy the rank post completely and make a blog and paste the same copy in it. Their purpose is not to benefit someone else’s website. For this, these people add the do follow link of their competitor’s website with that same post.

10. Low-Quality Guest Posting :-

Many of you must have done guest posting on someone’s website. But in today’s time people have started using it wrongly. And now people are only using it to make back links.

We all know how important it is for guest posting seo. But now Google has also given importance to seo. Because now low quality guest posting has remained.

11. Automatically Generated Back links :-

Oh yes, when it comes to getting back links without hard work, why should someone stay behind. But do you know which back links are generated automatically. How does that happen? You give money by reading a post that gets 10000 back links in 10$.

But do they make you the right back links? You will say that yes it is written that you will get high quality back link. This never happens. They let you create back links from this place. Where they get back links easily, no matter what the website is.

Such paid back lins can give a penalty to your website by Google very quickly. You should avoid such websites that ask you to give back links by taking money.

12. Unrelated Back links :-

Creating back links is not a bad thing, but making it with a website that is not related to your website is a danger. How ? Suppose your website is for blogging, SEO and you are taking back links from a website whose topic is hat, such as a wishing website. And if you have taken your back links from them, then you will not get any benefit from it.

You will have to suffer a lot because Google will penelize you for unrelated website back links.

13. Backlink with Duplicate Content Websites :-

Google does not like this at all for websites who steal content for themselves from others’ websites and copy past them on their website. And they can’t escape Google with little tweaking. Because Google is the fastest, it recognizes the website with duplicate content. And if you have back links from the copying website

14. Low-Quality Backlinks :-

We all forget that we are making back links from other, is that website valuable while trying to make backlinks. Because the website from which the backlink is received does not have value. Only low quality backlinks are available from Wow. And it is a bit difficult to get a backlink from a high valuable website opposite it.

15. Backlinks from Foreign Websites :-

Google says that if your website is from India, whether you are running the website using any language. So the backlinks you are making for your website should not be from foreign country.

Some backlinks work but not many backlinks are not created. Because website relavancy is important.

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