5 Ways To Slow Down Skin Aging

5 Ways To Slow Down Skin Aging: Partly influenced by K-pop culture, Asian men now want to look fresh, clean, […]

5 Ways To Slow Down Skin Aging

5 Ways To Slow Down Skin Aging: Partly influenced by K-pop culture, Asian men now want to look fresh, clean, and youthful. Many of you know that anti-aging formulas are all about tackling fine lines and wrinkles, but do you know what causes them in the first place? They’re formed by acne scars, late nights spent drinking and smoking, dehydration, and stress. This might all seem like no big deal right now, but your skin will pay for it eventually.
Here’s why you should be, for your skin’s sake. Alice Ng, Group Procurement and Training Director of Bella Skin Care and Men’s Skin Centers, agrees. Here, she shares the five major age accelerators, and what you can do to counter them.

Mind Those Scars

“Scars sometimes happen as a result of traumatizing skin disorder and dangerous breakouts, particularly throughout your young years,” Ng says. The same goes for cuts and bruises on your face. While the wound is still fresh, treat it topically. When it’s healed, follow up with hydrating skincare products like Recovery Cream in Time Lock from the Youth Bank collection, which eliminates scars and maintains the skin’s youthful appearance, according to Ng.

Pigmented Scars, Spots, and Patches Age You

“Pigmented scars are flat and you can barely feel them, but they disappear easily with the help of products,” Ng reassures. When skin is stressed, pigmentation happens, she adds. Products with brightening formulas and skin-evening characteristics will reduce the appearance of marks and scars.

Acne Production Is Due To

…Internal and external factors. Internally, sleep and water are very important.“Even if you’re eager regarding your care regime, you may still face secretion problems from the dearth of sleep. That will trigger acne,” Ng says. But handle it well externally and you won’t get severe breakouts. Acne production is caused by active oil glands that clog pores. If these get infected by bacteria, you’ll start to see acne with pus. You can’t stop oil congestion, but you can make sure your skin is clean and bacteria-free with a suitable cleanser.

Sebum Production Is More Important Than You Think

It’s a misconception that sebum is bad for your face. “Sebum is extremely important as it helps the skin form a natural barrier,” Ng confirms. Our skin needs two components to function normally: sebum and moisture. Without one or the other, your skin will age rapidly, she adds. You should be concerned about the overproduction and underproduction of sebum. That’s the main cause of oily and dry skin respectively. When sebum secretion is not normal, you’ll need products to help regulate its production that also prevent acne and other issues linked to aging.

Dehydration Speeds Up The Ageing Process

Dehydration is largely related to the loss of moisture. “Not to be confused with dry skin, loads have to be done to retain water in your skin,” Ng says. Apply products that hydrate and prevent water loss, like Hydro Defence in Time Invest from the Youth Bank collection. Always choose a formula created with your age in mind. “As you age, your skin loses a lot of moisture. You’ll need more potent products to hydrate your skin and maintain its youth,” she advises.

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