Amala Paul’s Cadaver Movie Review and Ratings | Hit or Flop?

Cadaver Movie Review: Amala Paul is getting ready to play two roles in the movie Cadaver after acting in the […]

Cadaver Movie Review

Cadaver Movie Review: Amala Paul is getting ready to play two roles in the movie Cadaver after acting in the anthology film Victim on Sonyliv, in which she played the lead and the producer. Amala Paul has had success in the digital space. Let’s jump straight into the review and see if the film lives up to the buzz since the trailer stoked interest and it eventually debuted on Hotstar today.

Synopsis: A pathologist and a police commissioner try to solve a series of murders involving a prisoner. Their journey leads to shocking revelations!

Cadaver Movie Review
Cadaver Movie Review

Cadaver Movie Review

After being under the radar for some time, Amala Paul is back, not just as an actor, but also as a producer, in Cadaver, a medical thriller that is alive and kicking contrary to its name. It is mostly intense and intriguing, giving us the feel of a properly made investigative thriller, with right mood and tone. However, the film becomes predictable halfway into the story due to its setup, so post the interval, we are only thrown into flashbacks – except for one intelligent twist.

The film starts off with a mystery man abducting and cruelly murdering a chief surgeon of a reputed hospital in the city. As the case proceeds, we are introduced to Badra Thangavel (Amala Paul), an expert pathologist, who aids the city’s assistant commissioner, Vishal (Harish Uthaman) in handling the case. Alongside, we also witness a prisoner, Vetri (Thrigun) in jail, who had already vowed to kill the same surgeon by drawing his portrait on the walls of his cell. As this news leaks out, the commissioner and the pathologist are left with no choice, but to interrogate Vetri.

Despite being in captivity, the prisoner manages to kill his second target just as he vowed. This shocks the entire city and they realise someone is helping him from the outside.

While Vetri’s life unfolds with certain tragic moments, Badra’s intelligent move leads to shocking revelations that provide the answers to many questions.

Amala Paul’s characterisation and transformation, with respect to looks, is laudable and is definitely a bold move. With short hair and a nerdy look, she convinces as the one who is calling the shots. Her performance as a pathologist amid dead bodies and in a mortuary setup is something to watch out for. That said, the writing is unsteady as it packs all its punches in the first half and lets the second half hanging, barring a few moments. While there are sequences that could have been elevated for a perfect pay off, most of it just falls flat, creating less impact.

For instance, Amala Paul’s motive to re-examine a dead body has no proper setup, though it forms a crucial part of her character arc and the case.

What’s really surprising about Cadaver are its characters and the making. The cinematography by Arvind Singh is exceptional and it carries the film effortlessly. Ranjin Raj’s music is very subtle and fills in seamlessly wherever needed. The supporting characters, including Harish Uthaman, Vinod Sagar, Athulya Ravi and Thrigun, have done a decent job and their performances help the film immensely. The romantic portions — involving Vetri and Angel (played by Athulya Ravi) – do very less for the progress of the narrative. Riythvika, who appears in the flashback sequence, impresses to an extent.

The main pillar of the film is its art director, who has recreated the mortuary and several cadavers, giving an authentic feel to the film.

Cadaver could have been a better film if the screenplay, written by Abhilash Pillai, had been a bit different. That said, director Anoop Panicker has translated what’s on the paper neatly and does justice to it, making the film worth a watch.


The police are searching for the culprit when Dr. Bhadra (Amala Paul) takes up the case of a young girl who was brutally murdered after being gang-raped. There are no hints in the rest of the novel as to how Dr. Bhadra and the police discovered the murderer after the murderer leaves a voicemail stating that he intends to kill other people.

Cast & Crew

In the movie Cadaver, which was written by Abhilash Pillai, directed and shot by Anoop Panike, composed and orchestrated by Ranjin Raj, and produced by Six Entertainment and Amala Paul under the name of Maiden Productions, Athulya, Athulya, Munishkanth, and Amala Paul all-star.

Movie NameCadaver
DirectorAnoop Panike
Music DirectorRanjin Raj
ProducerAmala Paul
CastAmala Paul, Munishkanth, and Athulya
EditorSan Lokesh

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Cadaver Movie Review Amala Paul has a lengthy history of working on suspenseful movies, but Cadaver shows that she has a unique sense of style and is eager to explore different genres. Even though it can be challenging to create scary movies, Cadaver is one of the most compelling recent releases and keeps the viewer wondering right up to the very end.

It’s crucial for a thriller’s opening scene to grab the audience’s attention, and Cadaver excels in this area by immediately establishing the plot and key characters.

The narration of the movie never becomes monotonous because it heightens your curiosity about the murderer and the investigative procedure is so skillfully filmed, that the filmmakers should be commended for their work.

Amala Paul performs admirably as Bhadra despite the fact that the role has some limitations and that we can expect more from her in the future.

Anoop Panike managed to hold audiences’ attention from start to finish despite a few mistakes, but he could have written the main emotion more effectively Cadaver Movie Review.

Although Aravind Singh’s visuals are good, most of the scenes were shot in bright lighting, which is not the best choice for this kind of film. The technical departments gave it their best effort, and the background music by Ranjin Raj is excellent.

In conclusion, Cadaver is a strong thriller that has a broad appeal.


Cadaver Movie Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

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