Victim: Who Is Next? Season 1 Tamil Web Series Review and Ratings, Hit or Flop?

Victim: Who Is Next? Season 1 Tamil Web Series Review and Ratings: Tamil film industry is trying to create some […]

Victim Who Is Next Season 1 Tamil Web Series Review and Ratings

Victim: Who Is Next? Season 1 Tamil Web Series Review and Ratings: Tamil film industry is trying to create some interesting anthology series, directed by multiple directors with short run time. The idea was a success with both such anthology series ‘Navarasa’ and ‘Kasada Thapara’ but filed with few other projects. Victim is another such anthology series directed by some of the talented directors from Tamil film industry. This series is now streaming on Sony Liv and lets look into the review of this anthology, if it is worth watching our time.

Victim Who Is Next Season 1 Tamil Web Series Review and Ratings


Victim This series has multiple stories, M. Rajesh directorial is titled Mirage, Chimbudevan’s fantasy thriller is titled Kottai Pakku Vathalum Mottai Maadi Sitharum, Pa. Ranjith’s directorial is titled Dhammam and Venkat Prabhu’s story is titled as Confession. They are all of different genres and these stories cannot be written in a single line.

Cast & Crew

Victim Series cast include Nasser, Thambi Ramaiah, Natraj (Natty), Priya Bavani shankar, Kalaiarasan, Guru Somasundaram, Prasanna, Amala Paul, Krish. Directed by Chimbudevan, Rajesh.M, Pa.Ranjith, Venkat Prabhu. Series is made under the production Axess Film Factory and Black Ticket Company. Music is composed by Sam C S, Premgi, Ganesh Sekar, Tenma and Cinematography is handled by R.Saravanan, Sakthi Saravanan, Thamizh A Azhagan. Lawrence Kishore, Akash Thomas, Selva RK, Venkat Raajen are the editors.

Series NameVictim: Who is Next?
DirectorChimbudevan, Rajesh.M, Pa.Ranjith, Venkat Prabhu
Music DirectorSam C S, Premgi, Ganesh Sekar, Tenma
ProducerAxess Film Factory & Black Ticket Company
GenreThriller, Drama, Suspense
CastNasser, Thambi Ramaiah, Natraj (Natty), Priya Bavani shankar, Kalaiarasan, Guru Somasundaram, Prasanna, Amala Paul, Krish
EditorLawrence Kishore, Akash Thomas, Selva RK, Venkat Raajen

Victim: Who Is Next? Season 1 Tamil Web Series Review

Victim: Who Is Next? Movie Synopsis: Four short films about four different people who fall victim to their own actions directed by four maverick filmmakers of Kollywood

Victim: Who Is Next? Movie Review: As the title suggests, Victim is an anthology that deals with the lives of four different people who fall victim to their own actions and pay the price. Pa Ranjith, Venkat Prabhu, Chimbudevan and M Rajesh have come together for this anthology that only engages the viewers in parts. Given that the anthology was shot during the lockdown, it is a decent outing, but with more misses than hits.

The first short in the anthology, directed by Pa Ranjth, is called Dhammam and the ace director’s golden touch is everywhere. The director has always been voicing out against oppression and this one, too, has a premise where a school-going girl of a farmer (Guru Somasundaram) locks horns with an influential guy (Kalaiyarasan) in a village. As the scuffle breaks out, the girl’s father, working in an agricultural land, watches the altercation and badly injures the guy by mistake with an intention to protect his daughter. Even as Guru tries to save the guy who is gasping for breath, it becomes a huge chaos and caste-based fights break out and we are only shown what happens next. Dhammam is effective and hard-hitting despite the short duration. We cannot help but to empathise with Guru Somasundaram’s character as a helpless victim of an oppressed community. His performance is splendid and hooks the audience from the very beginning. The cinematography and the helicam shots elevate the simple script to another level.

Next comes Chimbudevan’s Kottai Paaku Vathalum Mottai Maadi Sitharum, featuring Thambi Ramaiah in the lead role. The director, who is known for his fantasy adventures, takes the same trope even with this short. It is about a senior journalist, who is on the brink of being laid off at his workplace, and has to do something interesting to save his job. While he hears about a sage with magical powers, he sets out to interview him. But the sage, who is believed to have lived for centuries, doesn’t appear easily to anyone. However, this journalist manages to interview the sage amidst the COVID situation. Is it really the sage himself or is there some foul play all along? Chimbudevan’s idea is interesting, but doesn’t engage enough. The first and last act are really good, but the the portions in the middle are empty and don’t have any good stuff to keep us engrossed. Thambi Ramaiah’s performance and Nasser’s cameo as Mottai Maadi Sitthar are good. Vignesh Kanth’s character is something to watch out for.

M Rajesh’s part in the anthology, titled Mirage, tries to experiment with the thriller genre, which he is not known for. Does his experiment pay off? The film starts off as a gory horror thriller in which an IT professional, played by Priya Bhavani Shankar, has strange encounters with the manager of an abandoned villa, where she stays for a few days. Later, the story takes on a psychological route, giving us a fitting climax. Rajesh’s attempt in the horror genre is laudable. However, despite a good twist in the climax, the story looks ordinary and doesn’t give you enough chills, which is necessary for a genre of this. But actor Natty makes it engaging in parts. His performance as the manager of the villa is one of the highlights. Priya Bhavani Shankar has done a decent job as well.

Venkat Prabhu tries his best to do something inventive with Confession, but the outcome just doesn’t fit in the bill. This short is about a 30-year-old woman (Amala Paul) who is staying alone. She gets a series of phone calls one night that frightens her and puts her in the jaws of death. As she tries to confess several truths to save her life, shocking revelations about her personal life come out. Does she get to see the light of the day? Whenever we start watching a Venkat Prabhu film, we expect a bit of quirkiness attached to it. Confession, too, has quirkiness in the making, but not in the writing. The climax doesn’t give the impact which it is supposed to give. Everything becomes predictable after a point, including Amala Paul’s confessions. Prasanna’s character is quite intriguing and it’s the only good part of this segment.


Victim series has different stories that are connected to the genre of the thriller and keeps you hooked for every episode with it’s unique content provided by multiple directors. Chimbudevan’s fantasy thriller ‘Kottai Pakku Vathalum Mottai Maadi Sitharum’ is the best among the four thrilling stories and the fantasy added to this story will definitely excite you with some brilliant performances as well. Other episodes from the series also has it’s moments that will connect with the audience and make them watch till the end. Episode directed by M Rajesh is the only let down with poor script and narration.

Series has some emotional content as well, that will make your heart melt. Directors have added enough drama in the stories, not going too much out of the box from the native stories.

All the actors from the series did a fantastic performance in the episodes they are part of. Nasser’s experience can be clearly seen throughout the episodes. Thambi Ramaiah who is known for his comic timing, entertains us in parts and makes us invested with his emotional performance. Amala Paul, who is seen on screen after long time impresses with her performance and it is same with Prasanna, Priya Bavani Shankar and Kalaiarasan. All other actors from the series did their part well.

Technically this series looks good to some extent. From few scenes in different episodes, we can notice few compromises and budget restrictions. Music composed by multiple musicians is apt for the episodes. Cinematographers were pretty decent with simple shots and frames that brings out the nativity. All the directors did their best to make an interesting thriller anthology and they are successful in making it so.

Finally, Victim is an interesting and intense thriller anthology that is available on digital platforms in the recent times.

Rating: 3.25/5

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