Companies on Their Quest to Immortality in India

Companies on Their Quest to Immortality in India: Many people want to be immortal। While some people will find that […]

Companies on Their Quest to Immortality in india

Companies on Their Quest to Immortality in India: Many people want to be immortal। While some people will find that living to the end of the universe might not be good for the universe itself, other people will find things different।

It is also forbidden in many religions, like the Hindu religion. It is often rejected when someone asks for immortality, but some people get it without even asking।

But that is more like God’s way of doing things. In this article, we will see human methods of doing this, how many companies are doing it, and their favorite ways to make it possible।

Though the term “immortal” may be too broad at the moment to accurately describe the work that these companies are performing in order to slow down the aging process and combat harmful diseases in order to prolong human life expectancy, they all seek the hidden formula of immortality। This list includes several new startups and well-established drug manufacturing companies।


Juvenescence is an innovative life sciences organization that works to make pharmaceutical and retail products that help people live longer, prevent diseases, and improve their metabolic efficiency। The company leads the field in regenerative biology by using AI, machine learning, and extensive data analysis to speed up the development of new drugs and increase their efficacy।

As of now, Juvenescence has successfully completed five funding rounds, securing approximately US$219.2 million in funding। According to a report in the Financial Times, the company’s valuation at the moment is approximately US$500 million। The Longevity Vision Fund, Grok Ventures, and IPGL have invested in the project।

Juvenescence was founded in 2016, with Dr. Greg Bailey as CEO, Dr. Declan Doogan as Chief Medical Officer, and Jim Mellon, the founder of Burnbrae Group, as chairman। Dr. Bailey, a physician who became a biotech entrepreneur, has a remarkable track record of establishing and financing a number of healthcare organizations। Dr. Doogan, who was responsible for drug development at Pfizer, has also led research and development initiatives at Amarin Corp। Jim Mellon, an experienced investor who has a portfolio of various industries, is currently the Executive Chairman of Manx Financial Group। The startup, which now bears its name, was inspired by Melon’s book, “Juvenescence।”

Spring Discovery

Even though we are excited about the possibility of conducting research on aging, it can be like watching paint dry। It is a painstakingly slow process, and it keeps us behind in the search for treatments that could reduce heart disease, neurodegenerative conditions, and other conditions।

Introducing Spring Discovery. By creating a machine learning platform that serves as a time-saving, turbo-charged tool for these particular trials, they’ve chosen to mix things up a bit. In a lab with stale air, their creative approach is like a breath of fresh air. In the fight against one of the largest issues facing the world today—aging and the diseases that come with it tech meets biology.

Insilico Medicine

A 2014 startup called Insilico Medicine, with headquarters in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, employs artificial intelligence to speed up the process of finding, creating, and testing novel pharmaceuticals. Imagine them as the biotech and pharmaceutical industry’s superhero sidekick, assisting them from the early stages of discovery to the analysis of clinical trial data as they work to develop life-saving drugs.

They are more than just a sidekick, though. Insilico is also wearing a lab coat as it conducts in-depth research to discover new cures for horrible diseases and even ages itself. They’ve already achieved some notable successes, such as creating a novel treatment for the lung ailment pulmonary fibrosis in just 1.5 years and for less than $3 million! Then, as if that weren’t enough, they added another victory in the fight against renal fibrosis.

The industry and investors alike have taken notice of their innovative strategy and outstanding outcomes. For their creative work, they’ve won numerous accolades and accolades, including a big shout-out from tech giant NVIDIA, who listed them among the top 5 AI firms back in 2017.

Let’s just say that the investment scene is hot right now. Insilico has now successfully raised a total of $306.3 million after a particularly fruitful Series C investment round in June 2021. With Warburg Pincus as the lead investor and participation from companies like Qiming Venture Partners, Pavillion Capital, Sinovation Ventures, and CPE, to name a few, the most recent investment round truly was an international event.


The young San Francisco-based business Celevity has set its sights on a goal that will send wags up and down the globe: studying and combating the aging process in dogs. They are ready to grow their team with some additional members, ideally individuals who are motivated to delve deeply into longevity study and have a significant influence.

Celine Halioua is the person in charge of this big endeavor. She isn’t simply the CEO; she also often tweets about all the newest and best Celevity news. So feel free to follow her if you’re curious about what they’re up to!

Human Longevity Inc.

Since its founding in 2013 by visionary team Peter Diamandis, the famous author-entrepreneur, and Craig Venter, a trailblazer in the genomics field, Human Longevity Inc., the organization behind the well-known health service brand Health Nucleus, has been on a mission. The aim? to compile a comprehensive database of human physical and genetic characteristics and then utilize cutting-edge technology, including as AI, machine learning, and genome sequence analysis. Their objective? to develop cutting-edge treatments for age-related illnesses, stop the aging process, and enable everyone to enjoy longer, more fulfilling lives.

The company has proven remarkably durable despite several setbacks along the way, such as the departure of co-founder Craig Venter and a later dropped lawsuit. Due to the success of their Series C investment round in 2019, they have so far succeeded in raising a considerable amount of $330 million. Among the financiers from this round were Celgene and Emerging Technology Partners. The business gained notoriety the same year when its post-money valuation, which ranged from $1 billion to $10 billion, made news.

Peter Diamandis, who serves as vice-chair of the corporation, is in charge. He has experience creating new avenues, as seen by the co-founding positions he held at the X Prize Foundation and Singularity University, among other noteworthy achievements.

Gordion Biotechnology

In search of the next ground-breaking medication that can treat the complicated disorders that are frequently associated with aging, Gordion is like a detective agency. They are currently looking for a gene therapy engineer. A driven individual who can improve and enhance Gordion’s delivery vectors is ideal for this dynamic role.

This fascinating project is around internalizing production processes and developing cutting-edge delivery plans. The primary responsibility of this engineer will be to learn and improve the production processes for the most popular gene therapy vectors. This might be the perfect opportunity for a pioneer out there who enjoys a good challenge and is passionate about making a significant difference in the health industry.

Unity Biotechnology

One of this company’s greatest strengths is that it already had some high-profile backers, including none other than PayPal’s Peter Thiel and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, before it even had its official debut on the Nasdaq exchange in May 2018. Unity Biotechnology, founded in 2009, set out on a mission to develop ground-breaking therapies and medications for age-related disorders, with a particular focus on senescent cells.

The company’s CEO, Dr. Anirvan Ghosh, is in charge and is supported by a group of illustrious founders, including Drs. Judith Campisi and Nathaniel David. Known for her research on cellular senescence, Dr. Campisi is a prominent name in the field of biogerontology. Dr. David, the company’s president, is a scientist-entrepreneur who developed his skills in Molecular and Cellular Biology at UC Berkeley. Dr. Ghosh held important positions at Biogen and Roche before joining the Unity team, where he oversaw crucial research and development teams.

Unity Biotechnology had raised an astounding $290.6 million from seven funding rounds before going public, including investors like Hercules Capital, Invus, and Arch Venture Partners. However, there were some hiccups along the way in 2020, including a less-than-pleasant finding from their first significant study, personnel layoffs, and a decline in market price. Despite these difficulties, Unity Biotechnology keeps senescence as its primary focus while also branching out into ophthalmology and neurology.


In conclusion, this is a fascinating time for biotechnology. Juvenescence, Celevity, Insilico Medicine, Spring Discovery, Gordion, Human Longevity Inc., and Unity Biotechnology are just a few of the businesses that are leading the way in developing novel strategies to understand and slow down the aging process. Their ground-breaking studies and innovations are bringing us closer to immortality, which was previously considered to be the stuff of science fiction, as well as helping us live longer, healthier lives.

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